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Holy vegan hot dogs - 25 reasons to buy a byamv gift card today!

  1. Surprise someone who wouldn't buy something for themselves.

  2. Use it like layaway for that expensive, cool sweatshirt.

  3. Be luxuriously last-minute on a birthday or holiday gift!

  4. Buy one just for funsies!

  5. Pay for your Pride parade outfit on a month other than Pride month.

  6. Get one because you don't know what size your cousin wears.

  7. Gift a friend by email because you don't know their address!

  8. Send one to an enby so they can support another enby!

  9. Give the gift of my weird humor to an equally weird coworker.

  10. Invest in LGBTQ+ creators (that's me) because you believe in that.

  11. Get one because you support indie authors!

  12. Think of a byamv gift card like pre-ordering my next book!

  13. Get one because you're flush today (but indecisive).

  14. Buy one because it's Tuesday (unless it's Friday)!

  15. Come back from forgetting a birthday like a champion!

  16. Gift one to yourself now to spend on your own birthday.

  17. Buy one because you approve of vegan hot dogs.

  18. Gift one because you want to pay now and shop later.

  19. Buy one just because you heard the cool kids are doing it.

  20. Encourage Alex Vale to finish that book with a gift card!

  21. Gift one in the name of an anti-lgbtq legislator, and I'll thank them.

  22. Buy one to subtly tell Chad he's hard to buy for.

  23. Gift one to rebel against the establishment.

  24. Get one to let Alex Vale know you think they're funny.

  25. Buy one because you are enthralled by the design, with its glorious lack of color juxtaposed by the use of negative space.

image of very plain gift card


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