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Writing by AMV

EPIC FAIL super win Second Edition!

While today's market is tough, creative content is in demand more than ever. Meet artists who learned to leverage challenges to grow their careers despite it all!

Awesome Instead: Manifesto Essays

A collection of 12 essays about life, creativity, queerness, and taking a stance in a world full of loud voices.

But What If It Could Be Awesome, Instead book cover


DIY don't DIY: When to hire a pro.

A short and sweet 5-step guide breaking down that stressful decision: to go it alone or go pro?

DIY don't DIY book cover

Legend of the Keyholders

A story of friendship, loss, and the puzzle of a cosmic language. Part I of the Cat Mann Is PAX illustrated modern fantasy trilogy: out in eBook and paperback soon!





Everything is useful; nothing is wasted.

Free essay on the gift of trial and error, from Alex's manifesto collection What if it could be awesome instead?

Free business confidence challenge for artists.

StARTup challenge is an 8-week creative business challenge to transform your take on business.
Don't sell out, sell art!

Do I really want to do this thing?

Make up your mind in minutes with the power of boolean logic! Free choice map infographic from the book DIY don't DIY.

How a blue bunny became a star on stage

An inspiring interview with Scotty Grabell on creative perseverance from the book Epic Fail Super Win. (2nd Ed. out soon!)

Chapters 1-3 from Cat Mann is PAX

Read "The whales are busy", "Road to a funeral", and "Ghost stalker" right now for free! Illustrated PDF and ePub files plus special bonus content.

Effective presentation through simple design

Need to make a pitch or slide show? Download the slides from Alex's workshop on how to craft a presentation that people love.

Turn your passion into a blog (crib notes)

Nab the class notes download from my workshop on setting up a successful personal blog.

Switch narrators! Own your story.

An excerpt from The Making It Workbook. Shush the voices in your head and boldly narrate your own truth. (Watch out, Morgan!)

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