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Manifesto Essay Collection: Out Now!

"But, what if it could be AWESOME instead?" is live in the shop for digital download! (You heard it here first!)

Get your mitts on my zippy book of 12 manifesto essays about creativity, queerness, and taking a stance in a world full of loud voices.

Ranging from darkly silly humor to whimsically serious life lessons, this 83-page book is a journey through my mind and life as a non-binary producer, and writer.

Each chapter peers into the core of a different aspect of creative self-discovery.

Peppered with personal anecdotes and filtered through many lenses, I'm holding nothing back in this raw and (hopefully) entertaining essay collection.

This is a deep dish, yet breezy read with colorful illustrations in both PDF and ePub formats for just $7.99 as a zip file (BOOM! Instant download, too).

Thanks for reading and catch you in the next post!




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