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Shop fun stuff byAMV

Hi... I'm Alex, and I'll be your retail therapist today! Let's take a quick tour of all the goodies I've got stocked up for you in my shop!

Sooo, I'm beyond excited to launch my "Am both. Love both." designs for tanks, totes and tees! Order by May 15th to swag up in time for 2021 Pride Month in June!

Fancy yourself a writer? Me too! Let's own it with an "Authorized" water bottle or tank! (Selfies or it didn't happen!)

Love a fun modern sci-fi fantasy story? Then, you're all about my upcoming fiction book Legend of the Keyholders (part of the Cat Mann is PAX trilogy). Help support the project's collab with amazing illustrator, Taryn Cozzy, by purchasing merch featuring scenes from the book! We've got mugs for sips, and posters for peeps, and more!

Woohoo! Who says cash money can't buy happiness?


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