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Monthly plans are booked out thru Dec 2024!

Limited one-time service slots are still available. Book a free 30-min consult to discuss!

Monthly plan enrollment is closed.

Services byAMV

Business is better with a plan.

Quit scrambling to get creative done!
Get hustle relief with a year of monthly creative.

Eureka! This is the absolute best way to hire my creative services, and lock in your project dates ahead of the pack.

Simply pick a monthly plan that fits your budget, then book byAMV creative work from your plan's included services. When your plan rebills, your available services refresh automatically.

Save your time, money, and sanity!

3 reasons to book a byAMV plan TODAY:

  • It's Exclusive: I’m opening enrollment for only 4 spots per year, first come first serve. Enrollment closes 12/31/23 – once I'm full, there's a waitlist!

  • It's Easy: No stressing over invoices, payroll, haggling over contractor pricing and schedules – plus you can book ahead or change up services.

  • It's Guaranteed: byAMV monthly plans are like having a micro-team on staff! You know your projects are on the calendar, you control sign-off, and the work is guaranteed to be done on time.

Compare price + value against these options:

This is a comparison chart showing byAMV services at $12.2k, salaried staff at $108.9k, gig workers at $24k, and DIY costing your your sanity.
Why A byAMV Plan

Learn more about byAMV service plans!

Choose a monthly plan to book my services.

  • Standard

    Every month
    Includes 2 services monthly, 45 mins of Zoom support, 10 support emails, and 1 revision.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Copywriting
    • FREE Consultation
  • Most Versatile!


    Every month
    Includes 2 services monthly, 1 hour of Zoom support, unlimited support emails, and 2 revisions.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Copywriting
    • Brand Design
    • Flash/Knockout Design
    • Prototyping
    • Motion Graphics
    • FREE Consultation
  • Premium

    Every month
    Includes 4 services monthly, 1.5 hours of Zoom support, unlimited support emails, and 2 revisions.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Copywriting
    • Brand Design
    • Flash/Knockout Design
    • Prototyping
    • Motion Graphics
    • Automation Series
    • FREE Consultation
  • How much creative work can I order per month on my plan?
    Glad you asked! The number of service blocks you can book per month depends on the plan you select. A "service block" is equal to approximately a full workday. Standard Plan = 2 service blocks per month Plus Plan = 2 service blocks per month Premium Plan = 4 service blocks per month Under each plan, you'll find a list of services you can book at that tier. For example, the Premium Plan includes Automation Series, but The Standard and Plus Plans don't include it. If you click "read more" under any of my services, you can view the details of that service, where you'll find a list of possible creative assignments per scheduled service block. For example, if you chose the Standard Plan, you could order about one full page of Graphic Design and about five small pieces of Copywriting each month. However, you could not order an illustrated novel each month! Of course I'll work flexibly with you via Zoom and email to customize what work you need for your business or big project. If something you want isn't listed, just ask!
  • Once I buy a plan, how do I go back and book future services?
    Easy breezy! When you buy your plan, you'll create an account (with your email and a password). When you come back each month to schedule your selected services, you'll book from the site: In the menu go to Creative > Book Online or Choose BOOK NOW for the services you'd like to order. If you're already logged in, the NEXT button will be active. If not, below the NEXT button, choose "Already a member? Log in." Sign in with your email and password, then follow the prompts to schedule your service block. Good to know: The site will automatically know which services are covered by your plan, and how many you have left in that billing cycle. When you schedule a service block, you're booking in my production time, not your deadline. Please make sure to communicate deadlines and due dates in the notes of the booking form, by email, or during a zoom consult. I recommend booking a short zoom call at least 1x a month to discuss project details.
  • Can I book something I don't see in your services list?
    Short answer is "no" As of August 1, 2023, I've discontinued any old services and pricing I offered, for both previous and new clients. New services will be added to the site, as they emerge! However.... I'm open to comparable variations on what's possible with my offerings. And, if your currently a member of a plan with me, I'm absolutely dedicated to providing the kind of creative you need. Just ask me, in a support call or email - I'll let you know if I can do it, and how to place the order.
  • Can I book my services separately at different times in the month?
    Yes! Example: If you know you need copy for a one-page document, go ahead and order it when you're ready. You can come back later that month to place additional orders for more creative! NOTE: Your monthly available orders refresh when your plan rebills! So make sure to place orders before they refresh, or they'll drop off. Don't worry, I'll remind you, if you're close to your billing date and I haven't heard from you.
  • Can I book extra orders on top of what my plan covers?
    Yes! All I ask is that you shoot me an email ( or book a quick Zoom first to let me know what's up. Click below and use the single-service add-on package (limited to graphic design, illustration, and copywriting) to pay for 1 extra service. The "credit" expires in three months, so you'll have basically 90 days to book orders using this package, plus you'll still have the available orders in your existing monthly plan.
  • What happens if I don't have any creative to schedule one month?
    Excellent question! The name of the game is to book ahead. Let me explain: Your subscription gives you a set number of services you can book into my calendar each month, and they are "use it or lose it". However, you don't have to schedule them into the current month on the calendar. You can book ahead up to a year. This flexible way of booking helps you keep your monthly overhead regular, while accounting for sprints and slow/busy seasons. Example: You're a company that sells backpacks, and you purchased the Plus Plan. You know that July is usually low return on advertising because your customers are on vacation, but September is back to school, and usually needs more creative for your big sale. In early summer months, you could choose to schedule one or both monthly creative orders for late summer production, anticipating a campaign or sprint. Then when it's time for that back to school push, you've got extra creative locked in the calendar at the same consistent monthly price.
  • What is your turnaround – can I book same-day?
    Scheduling Buffer: The system requires a full day buffer to schedule in a service block (i.e. day of production time). So, if it's 9am on Wednesday, the earliest you could book production time would be 10am on Thursday, provided that block is open. Scheduling Availability: All my plans guarantee that you will be able to get your service blocks on the calendar each month. However, service block spaces are first come first serve among plan members. You're one of just four plan members with access to the booking calendar, so there should be ample spaces, and smooth sailing, so long as you aren't booking super last minute. Turnaround Time for Deliverables: All finalized turnaround times will be set per project, per revision. Typically, I'll send round-one deliverables by noon on the day after you scheduled production. For example, if you scheduled a service block for Wednesday the 3rd, you'd receive an email or notification with your deliverables by noon on Thursday the 4th. By that math, if you don't have feedback/changes/revisions, turnaround is approximately 1.5 days from the start of the production/service block. If you do have changes, we'll discuss the turnaround as we progress. How to make sure you get a stellar booking experience: Always have your source materials, instructions, and goals ready and submitted to me before the day of scheduled production. Incomplete instructions or source materials will result in a rescheduling of your service block at a future date. For important sprints and busy seasons, try to book ahead. Discuss any known sprints and plans with me during your Zoom support calls, and I can help plan. Schedule production a minimum of 1-2 weeks ahead of your real deadline, to leave room for feedback, revisions, and any needed Zoom calls around the project. Pay attention to the list of supported service options when planning your project. These are each designed to "fit" in approximately one service block worth of time. Contact me if you need any help planning! That's what I'm here for – and I bring nearly 2+ decades of project planning experience!
  • Can I choose the day my monthly billing hits?
    Yes, but only when you first sign up for a plan. At this time, I'm unable to change your rebill date on my end. If you really need it changed, please reach out to me by email at and we'll work together on a solution!
  • Can I get an invoice for my accountant?
    Since this service is a recurring subscription, it's essentially prepaid every 30 days, so the system doesn't create an invoice, per se. It does generate receipts and confirmation screens at the time of purchase! More ways to show proof of purchase: Check your email for the confirmation email from when you bought your plan Log into your account and go to Content/Service Plans View the transaction in your credit card or bank statement If none of the above methods work for your purposes, reach out to me at, and we'll work out generating a simple statement.
  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?
    Yes, yes, and yes - you can cancel or change anytime. All changes to your plan (including cancelation) will happen on the next billing date, and so you'll have until then to use services still available on your current plan. Upgrade/Downgrade First, check and see if you have remaining unused services (see above). Then, cancel your current plan. Purchase the new plan of your choice on the Plans & Pricing page. (It's best to do this on the day you want that to rebill each month, or on the day your current plan expires. Note: The system will show that your subscription is active for another year, but I'll manually take care of stopping billing on your original 1-year date.) If you would like help with the above steps, you can also book a quick consult with me, and we'll set it up in the system together. Canceling First make sure it's not a service that you want to cancel. (To cancel, change, or reschedule a booked service, log into your account and go to Service Bookings, or email me directly at to swap a service you already booked.) If it's really your year of monthly creative services plan that you wish to stop, log into your account and go to Content/Service Plans, choose the arrow to expand the details, and then choose Cancel Subscription. 📌 Before you cancel... An encouraging note from me to you, my friend: Give me a shout! Whether it's a tricky financial month, or a change in your business plans, I may be able to help (or even surprise) you with a solution that's better than canceling. I especially want to hear from you, if there's something I could do to improve my services to you! We're in this together - reach out directly anytime: ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 ~Alex
  • Who is a great fit for a year-long monthly plan?
    So awesome you asked! (Your emotional intelligence is showing) You're a GREAT fit if any of these applies to you: You're a small-to-medium business looking to level up your brand or content by this time next year. You're a busy solopreneur who'd happily pay to get a few things off your plate! You have a regular budget for creative, but it's not enough for a full-fledged staff member. You're a small team or agency missing about half a team member all the time. You're growing fast and you need to sprint a ton of new materials right now, but not forever. You're a startup that needs to ramp up for investor pitches and early-stage launch without burning through your seed round. You might NOT be a fit if: You haven't identified your business model, revenue, or marketing goals just yet. You're determined to hire someone as a W2 employee, working by the hour. You need to oversee and adjust every detail of production as it goes along. You need just one quick project, or a single design that doesn't recur. You need someone to meet or work in your office. You require all-day time zone overlap and continuous back-and-forth for the project to flow (e.g. teams with real-time group editing, or meeting-based assignments.) You're mean, rude, or looking to hire me to make content that is mean or rude. You have enough work lined up to need a full-time designer or team (in which case this plan might underserve you). Still have questions or maybe a unique situation? No problem! Book a Free Consultation and we'll get it figured out. 😉
  • What do I need to start working with you?
    Oooh! I love this question. For absolutely everyone, I recommend my free 30-minute consultation! Beyond that, it depends on what kind of business, team, or project you're part of! A) For seasoned project managers, or teams who are augmenting with one of my plans, I'd say... sit down with your team (or yourself) and sketch out a high-view list of what you'll need over the next month, six months, and year. Decide on a point person who'll be my contact, and jot down a list of tools you'll need me to share. B) For folks with a big project, startup, or small business, and who are wearing a bazillion hats at the moment, I recommend checking out my 2021 getting started guide. It's 10-pages, with an interactive worksheet at the end that helps you prep your project/business/sprint for the consultation! It's really up to you. You can set up a consult and talk this out with me first (may result in a little homework), or you can prep before talking, and we'll hit the ground running!
  • Can I try out your services before committing to a plan?
    Yes! I offer a Single Service Package (here on the All Plans Page). It's limited to one use per customer, and you can use it to see what it's like working together. If you're already a plan member thinking of upgrading, you can use it to try a service included in a differnt plan, or to book extra creative on top of what your plan includes.


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