Stance 2: Artists are natural entrepreneurs.


This personal philosophy is actually so dear to me that is is stands as the manifesto for a 10- year long evolving project of mine called Dream Siren. For those who know me well, you have watched Dream Siren evolve as the umbrella identity for most of my public pursuits and publications, whether they were musical works, creative services, workshops, or writings.

The Dream Siren manifesto text:

Artists, musicians, writers and other creatives have long been thought of as “non-business” types. It’s an unfair pigeonhole that’s plagued this talented group of mega-contributors for centuries. In reality, artists regularly overcome failure, bootstrap, network and behave like thought leaders naturally. All qualities revered by business!

So, what gives?

I believe it’s high time the “starving” and “flakey” artist pigeonholes get dumped for a much more productive and encouraging paradigm. Dream Siren exists to eliminate culture gaps and crush stigmas that inhibit creative people when doing business. This challenge is part of our solution.

The goal of The stARTup Challenge is to introduce artists to core business and marketing concepts in a way that’s dead simple over eight weekly assignments––at a price of Zero. Zip. Nada.

~Alex Vale, founder of Dream Siren

Take the challenge.